SKITOUR RACE (English version) Lusia Alp del 24/01/2007

Heyla' Trentini! Giust per provar ho trat rento en par de traduziom anca per quei che no sa el dialet: tranquil, no voi far massa casim, che apena g'ho n'atimo e le sposto sula versiom ingles del sito

Due the homestay for the hot weather of the last weekend, we cannot stay at home today too: we've to go! I meet in Trento at 5 o'clock with Max and we leave to Moena (Fassa Valley). We are there for 6 p.m. and after have asked around where the race leave from, we reach the start place taking the road to Saint Pellegrino Pass: where are located the lift to go to Lusia Alp. It's snowing and seems very cold. We catch the numbered t-shirt (for the race) and the gadget (a cap, this time) and we prepare our backpacks: today is mandatory to keep it up charged with windjacket to bring at the top (but not everyone bring it....). We are 350 competitors: the start is given for a couple every 20 seconds: it brings from 19:30 to 20:30! Looking around I hear the people worried by the 2 walls that are on the slope: "binding in climbing-position is a must" : I'm not so sure and fortunately I meet my cousin Silvano (from Ciampac) and meanwhile he's ready to start I ask him about the walls: "At the second lamp there's a wall: but I don't use the climbing-position": I'll do the same. In five minutes Max leave. My start time is scheduled at 20:02:00. While I wait I warmup a bit, wear the boots better and take a look around: some competitors wear boot very light.... filled of holes!! other seems wear only little shoes made compatible with bindings... I've to go. I leave 194th with 193th. The first part is flat, I stay back, but when became steeper I run ahead. Arrived at the second lamp there's the wall: it's very steep but loosing (slipped) just one step, I pass other competitors too. We leave the slope for a mountain road on the left and we keep this road for at least 10 minutes. At the treeline there's another wall and my cousin Silvano reach me and keep me saying:"Go!Go!Go!Run!You're almost at the finishline!". I've spit blood, but in a very short time I'm at the top of the wall: other 50 meters flat and I'm arrived. Very tired. I meet Max and we are surprised for the short time we take to do the race: it was 680 meters high! In 30 minutes? seems strange...Infact: the 680meters were calculated leaving from Moena and not from the lifts. After a good pasta and dessert and 2/3 biers (and a bombardino for Max) we meet with the guy from Cles (met last week too): and we learn some tricks for the race. Next time we'll be faster! The final race time is out: Kepo is 161th with 31:09:5 just 0.3 secs ahead is Max (160th) and my cousin Silvano is definetly faster with about 26minutes. Just while we're leaving, this time at the lottery I win a pair of socks! Great! I've won what I didn't last week. It's almost 11p.m. and we leave to the car (using the lifts) and at 1 a.m. we're at home.

The starting line. Ahead is living Silvano: my cousin. Below the line is almost ready to go the next 2 competitors (leave each 20 seconds)

Max has just left... is thinking how to pass the near competitor

Kepo at the finish line.... now he must give all!

....infact... now he's really destroyed! Devil pork! He waited 2 minutes before to stand up again

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