SKITOUR RACE (English Version) Mount Agaro del 17/01/2007

Heyla' Trentini! Giust per provar ho trat rento en par de traduziom anca per quei che no sa el dialet: tranquil, no voi far massa casim, che apena g'ho n'atimo e le sposto sula versiom ingles del sito

This time, Matthew want to try his first skitour compettion and so he organize... the top is 400m higher but unfortunately this time the finish line isn't at the top, but it's necessary to go back too! Devil pork! I've never been in a competition where it's required to run down too....and the procedure to take off the skins from my new skis seems not so easy: doesn't matter, we've to go! We leave from Pergine Valsugana at 5 o'clock and at 6 p.m. we are at the Chalet at Broccon Pass to catch the magnetic clock (used for the competition time-measurament) and the T-shirt with the number to wear during the compettion. Yesterday I've shortened the skins, taken off the skibrakes from the ski, and I've brought with me the nordic-ski poles (even if I've not used). Matthew while coocking pizzas and making up concrete found the time to train himself to take-off the skins...devil pork! With just a jump on the head of the ski he can take-off the skins! We brought with us a backpack each too: to bring with us a jacket to wear when, after have run up, we'll have to go back at the finish line. The problem is that the number on the t-shirt cannot be covered and so... this tropical winter is hot enough: we don't need the jacket... This time, after the advices asked at the last skirace, we don't use the binding in climbing position The race is a "chronometer" and after half past 7 the "GO!" is...when you want: you just have to pass the start-line with the magnetic-clock and RUN! After a steep slope to warm up the speaker says that the race can begin. While the other competitior are still warming up, Matthew goes to the start-line and begin his race. I wait a couple of minutes....take a breathe....have to go! The climb-up is: just follow the signed slope: I earn meters quite fast (and closer to the match's winnner passing ahead to more runners): there aren't walls to climb...and when it became flatter (seems to be on a slope-connection) it became easy to do very long steps without using the binding in climbing position. Arrived at the top, there's an apres-ski: here you have to turn left and go ahed (flat)....and here someone goes ahead me too... But the worst thing for me is to take off the skins: I cannot take it off (even if I've kept the clip almost open) and I make a mistake turning the binding in climbing position instead of descent: while I'm doing this, 8/9 pass ahead me. And descending I take it easy.... overmost when almost at finish-line for a light effect seems that the slope is interrupted by a wall: in this point many people fall down... After have descented the finish line is just few meters of climb (without skins!). Here we go. Matthew is waiting for me: he seems satisfied: climb OK, jump on the skins PERFECT and descent very fast except a brake to check the person ahead him (falled down). Retired the gadgets, we run to dininig room to eat (a lot) and seat at the table with a guy from Veneto and the guy from Cles met last week (at the race in Fassa Valley: Ciampac). We have asked many advices: overmost how to take off the skins from my skis (I've to try.... and then if it's easy I'll explain you how)... Drinked a couple of beer the arrival order is ready: Matthew is 61st and Kepo 69th (44 seconds later: but reminding the seconds lost taking off the skins, I can be happy). Our dinner-mate from Cles is 8th!!! ...and however looking at the race time of the winners: 10 minutes less than me: I see it hard, even if I can take off the skins better, to win the race. After have won the lottery (everybody won something except Kepo) it's almost haf past 11! We've to go! To put down the bones (=sleep)! At least for me.... Trambileno is far!

Matthew prepare his poles in race-mode

Kepo mount the shortened skins (and make it faster soaping it)

The two competitors Kepo and Matthew ready for the race!

And then in the nice chalet at Broccon Pass everybody win something at the lottery (except Kepo)

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