ALPINE CLIMBING Torre di Pisa (Latemar) (English Version) del 15/07/2008

Eh eh.... so few time to ride in this period.... so I've written so few trip descriptions... so... this time... to write more... I'll write in English too!

There's never enough time to go! But if we keep on waiting to have finished all the Jobs, and hope in good weather too (uff... so many rainy days lately!).... We have to go!!! And so, when Matteo phone me, to propose a trip to refuge Torre di Pisa (in Dolomites, over Pampeago, Latemar) I send immediately one email to my boss saying I need holiday for tomorrow and then I run home to prepare my backpack! At 8 o'clock I'm to Matteo's home for breakfast, then we leave to Pampeago, where we park the car under the snowlifts. So we begin to trek in direction Obereggen trough grass till we reach our footpath that will bring us to refuge Torre di Pisa: footpath number 515. We trek on steep (so steep!!!) slope and in one hour we are on the top side of the grass, so we continue in a steep unstable stones ridge: eh eh... follow the footpath 515 trough comfortable steps, seems to easy for us! Just before the refuge, on our left side, there's a peak with a cross (Kreutz), and so, we reach the top and... Berg Heil! We can now go to refuge to eat and drink something, 'cause it's 11.30.... or not? Eh,eh... just over the refuge there's the famous stone tower "Torre di Pisa"... and we've brought with us everything we need to climb it... Yes, Yes.... We have to climb it now, and then we'll can eat and drink in the refuge! And so we pass over the refuge (2670m high) and walk 3 minutes reaching the base of the stone tower in 5 centimeter of fresh snow. We attach ourselves with the rope and Matteo (while i belay him from the tower base) starts climbing the tower (30 meter high). Eh,eh... just 30 meters and easy (3+).... Well! 10 minutes and using a friend and a peg, Matteo reach the top, so once he has belayed me from above, he call me:"Come on, Kepo!". Let's go! I was a bit worried for my shoulder (I've broken 2 months ago in Austria during a skitour)... but... everything OK! And in 10 minutes I reach the top too! Berg Heil! We would like to rappel from the left side of the tower (free hanging) but we weren't sure if the rope was long enough, so we've made a rappel trough the same way from where we've climbed... and at 12.30 we were in the refuge to buy 2 big beers... Matteo has brought with him 2 breads with cheese and speck too! Super! MalZeit! then we take spaghetti with deer and mushrooms too... and obviusly caffee and schnaps. At 2.30, we leave to valley, and thanks to a jump on a snowlift (just 200meters...just to descent!) we arrive to the car... At 4 pm we're at Matteo's home to unload our backpacks and say goodbye to his parents, then with a "bye bye and keep in touch for the next time" to my best friend Matteo, I leave to Caldonazzo Lake bay... to sunbathing, waiting 7pm when (Am I not tired enough yet?) with my dragonboat team i'll have to round trip the lake!

We trek over the first snowlift... direction aprés ski!

...till we reach our footpath: number 515

...then we go ahead to the rocky crest...

...and obviously... we take always the steepest way!

...and go over the grass...

...and inside the rocky ridges...

...and just befor the refuge, here we go! The Cross! It seems hard, but it isn't! From left side, there's a footpath to reach it! And so...

Berg Heil!

...and over the refuge there's the wonderful Pisa Tower Rock.... and here... we've to climb it! But with Matteo ahead, no problem! we can arrive everywhere!

Berg Heil! ahahah! Kepo! What are you doing there over the tower alone??? Come on down, it's time to drink and eat at the refuge!!!

...and with an easy rappel (here's Matteo) we descent.

Ste pagine l'e' stae cargade volte da visitatori dal 3 de agost 2005