RAFTING Val di Sole (English Version) del 12/07/2008

After so many evenings spent to organize and so many weekends spent to build my new house... it's time for my brother's bachelor party! Once prepared my and mine brother's backpacks (he doesn't know yet, where will go today), at 8.30 i take my car, my brother, and my cousin Cristian, and drive to Rovereto, where with alles cousins and town's friends (we're 20!) we drink a white wine flute and at 10 o'clock jump on our bus. Where are we going? Eh,eh... my brother doesn't know yet, and we don't tell him yet.... Lost half hour in the highway traffic jam troughtout Trient (due the italian tourists coming to Dolomites on holiday), the bus, drive us to Val di Non, and in the meanwhile we drink a couple of cans of bier and dress our bachelor's day uniform: yellow TSHirt and cowboy hut for everybody! Now we're really a team! AT midday we arrive to Rafting Center in Commezzadura (Val di Sole): the instructors are waiting just for us and immediately they start to explain the paddle technics in dinghy, while we wear life-vest and wetsuits. Ready! The instructors charge us in their bus and they bring us to a park near the river just few meters before Vermiglio town, so, divided the paddlers in teams (eh eh... for the 20 friends from Trambileno, it's good 3 boat 6+7+7.. and sure, we'll have a race!) we begin swimming (na... just stay in water and flow trought the river) for 50 meters (and the river's water, coming from Presanella glacier, is really cold!) then, once jumped on the dinghy.... we've to go! Noce river, thanks to so many raining days, is strong, but when we pass trough Commezzadura's rapids (where there's ropes for paddlers safety too.... in case the paddler should fall out the dinghy) it's enough to paddle very strong to fly over the rapids and within a couple of seconds... we're over! Our boat driver comes from Chili, and he looks like he likes to catch the stones trought the river... infact with a jump over a smal waterfall over friend Carletto risk to jump out the dinghy... fortunately I catch his arms and bring him inside. Another couple of jumps over rapids and 2 overtaking (other dinghy) and we arrive in second position! But this was just the first half!!! Infact, in Rafting center, they bring us (with their bus) to Male' ('cause this river's part is not safe to paddle) and so... Go again!!! We're restart to flow in the river at third position, but, with our strong paddles we reach easily the dinghy ahead... then... we arrive on the rapids, and the boat ahead make a high jump and... SOS! man in water!! My brother (just ahead my seats) try to help him, but our boat-driver sais him:"No, no! Don't help him! They help by themselves! Go ahead to paddle!!!!" ... and so, while the dinghy ahead have to stop to recover the man (he wasn't of our town's friends group) we overtake it reaching the second place... and so now we have just one boat ahead, with our other town's friends... WE'LL REACH IT!!! and when we arrive on a straight part, the boat-driver call us:"Faster! Stronger! Go!Go!Go!" and we reach the other friend's dinghy.... and proceed inline! Silva (our friend on the other boat), try to stop our overtake taking our boat's rope... but our boat-driver keep saying us: "Don't look at them!!! Just Paddle! Paddle!!! Paddle !!!!!!" .... and we overtake!!!! We'te the first now, but we have to defense our first place! We reach other rapids and when the boat jump on a stone, i fly out the boat! Just my leg, locked under the ahead sets keeps me on the boat! Ok! Well done! Go ahead! Finished the rapids, i take out my waterproof-camera for a couple of pictures.... but... in the meanwhile the driver drives the dinghy on a stone and... ooopp!!! Gioppi and Alberto fly outside... just saved by their legs locked under the seats.... i recover Gioppi with my paddle, then he recover Alberto keeping his arm.... Saved! and so... Go ahead!! In other 10 minutes we'll arrive to finish line, near the "Santa Giustina" damn... and we're yet in the first place! Here we are! We've done! We're the champions, so once charged the dinghies on the truck, we come back with bus to Rafting Center, take a shower, drink 2beers, and at 5 o'clock we try the tarzaning path in the center: uhuh!!! a long path over ropes and mobile bridges, 20 meters high! Devil Pork!!! It hasn't been a good idea! The arms were tired due the rafting... and this game is strong for arms... to walk on ropes... I got tired, but finally I've finished.... Alberto has fall down the mobile bridge and an insctructor have had to recover him with a rappel. Finally, at 7 o'clock we leave the center to go to Dermulo in "Val di Non" to drink a beer in rumeniens girls pub, then again on the bus to the "Happy Ranch" pub, in "Val di Cembra"! Eh ,eh! Here today, there's the Country fest! That's why we wear a cowboy hut! And infact, there are at least 300 persons with the same huts! Super! I don't know how much people has asked us, why we wear the same tshirts..and where come us from! And so... drink, drink, eat, drink...no dance.. i can't dance country music! Gioppi and Mazzu try to dance it looking the dancing girls! But the result isn't good.... With a beer, and another beer, the night fly away.... (and many people dance under the ThunderStorm too!). At 2a.m. I'm really tired!!! So I go with Tama and Silva to sleep in the bus. But Mazzu has so viel energy today! He's crazy! keeps on dancing 'till 4am.!!! (eh eh.... he wasn't tired for the morning rafting, 'cause he wasn't a strong paddler!). Finally everybody come on the bus and at 5 am we're in Rovereto... So i drive the car till home and at 5.20 I'm in bed. For tomorrow I don't have plan... i think I'll sleep till monday!


9:45!!! Now boarding!!! We've to go!!!

Me and Gioppi collect the money for the day excursion: 103 Euro each! bus, rafting, 4 breads and 2 liters beer!

one bier, one game, the time run away!

And it's time to wear the uniform: everybody (except my brother) wear yellow TShirt. In front of TShirt is written the °Val di Sole° symbol and the today's date

...on the rear side is written the nickname (of everyone) and my brother's symbol... he's plumber! (Here we were in Val di Non... after 2 beers... to make a pi between apple trees)

Arrived in rafting center... we sign our testament.

And it's time to enter in the Noce river!

Super! So funny day to descent the river with 3 dinghies between town's friends!

And this adventure has gone too! But now, with tarzaning and country Party we have yet a long day!
When friends of mine give me the other pictures too... I'll add here below! Keep in touch ;)

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