Me and.... ...my trips... ...and... my ski-tours...and.... my treks ....e.... my climbs... and.... everithing else

Yes, Years run, and sometimes i would stop to get older, but if next year i miss my birthday if should worry!!! I've started working in I.T. when i was 20 y.o. and since then i haven't stop, but...a lots of things have changed! After 7 months in the Padova University (where I've never studied....), I've began my Job. I have been assolved by army service with the asthma motivation: I was smoking one and half packet per day...I've stop!!! I don't know how I've been able to, but I've stop smoking!!...and so to fight the nervous (got due the stop smoking) I've stared playing football(Here You can see me on the left, in the towns of county tournament: we WON!), Kick Boxing until the green belt exam, mountain trek.. which is going on... two years ago in summer, I've taken part of the DragonHeart team, and the last year spring I've done the apnea sport exam(75m. swimming below and 3:34 staying below!!!!)... if you think that 'till that course I've always been scared put the head in the water!! To complete all...have you ever heard a "little mountain man" (as I am called by my stupid friends from Milan :) ....hallo to them!)) who isn't able to ski? And so, I've subscribed (winter 2003) to a skialp course (never having try ski!!!) and in summer to the alpinism course. Except sports, beyond I.T. tecnichian I'm a bit plumber too (learned by my father when I was younger) and in New Zealand I've been cowboy too! ....I'm the best ... I'm scared by the lots of things I can do! Devil Pork (<-this is the translation of the expression that I use when speaking...)! I've just a defect: I don't like dogs


The cow-boy in New Zealand!