Me and.... ...my trips... ...and... my ski-tours...and.... my treks ....e.... my climbs... and.... everithing else

If in the last 5 years I live almost on the mountains, I've to explain that this lifestyle has begun with a trek (with tent) to Care' Alto(2000), and then btw wire path and bike (MTB) (till the bike climb to Stelvio pass) and in July 2002 I've climbed (trek) my first 3000 (Vioz). Ome year later, I've trek on GR20 (on eatern time) trough Corsica (with my Milan friend). Then I've met a lot of alpinist (from Milan) and so I've tried my first 4000: : Gran Paradiso on 13th of July 2003. The hottest summer (2003) I've escaped the hot trekking the high footpath N.2 in dolomites. Then we've tried the Mont Blanc but we failed due the wide opened crevasses: but not the yer after (2004)! And climbing many 4000 I've spent one week holiday on Rome footpath sleeping in Val Masino bivuoac (2004). And this year? I'll try to convince to come to glacier my town's friends... let's hope... we'll see....but 'till the climb hasn't done it's not possibile to describe: and so “There's no time!!! I've to go!!!”


GR20 trek: trough the Corsica folowing the crests